Candidate Screening applicants are thoroughly screened to evaluate their qualifications, relevant skills and work ethic.

  • A database review for information on the candidates previous work performance
  • Reference checks with at least two recent managers and one local character reference
  • Verification of legal right to work

Applicants undergo a thorough process:

Phase 1: Individual Consultation 

Applicants complete a detailed New Hire Questionnaire, defining their job expectations, level, desired selling relationships, minimum compensation, required location preferences, job status, products, services & industries.

Phase 2: Resume Screening

Personnel supervisors review each relevant position in the applicant's work history. Acquiring necessary data - i.e. products and services, size (revenues, sales force, total number employees), length of time with employer. An examination of the scope of each position is also done - level within the organization, compensation structure, earnings, and reason for leaving.

Phase 3: Behavioral Interview

Interview summary forms are completed noting exact responses. This is followed by assessment and comments by the interviewer. Our candidates screening process includes arrangement for personal interview, skills prescreening, and psychometric assessment.

Phase 4: Custom Matching

Each applicant whose qualifications match with a position on our board is linked to the corresponding job order. Suitable candidates are then skill marketed to you for consideration.

Phase 5: Clearance and Screening

The following screening services include:


  • Job Specific Testing: i.e.. c++, Java, Accounting, Typing, etc.
  • Past employment verification
  • Review of provincial court, national court and criminal records
  • Criminal checks


  • Education and credential verification
  • Review of driver's license record
  • Credit checks with¬†Kroll
  • Drug testing