Managed Payroll Services

What We Offer will assume all employment responsibilities of your entire payroll, specific departments, or the payroll for a special project. This includes processing payroll, providing pay stubs, calculating and remitting all government taxes, workers compensation contributions, and paying all general liability insurance. We take care of setting up the employees, all data entry, data collection, and preparing the payroll bank file. We also provide terminated employees a Record of Employment, as well as T4’s and T4A’s at the end of the year. This service is offered in all Canadian provinces and US states.

We provide an accurate, consistent service that you can rely upon. Your dedicated payroll contact is always there to ensure your payroll is handled properly. Employee questions about payroll will be fielded by us rather than someone in your organization, thereby reducing slowdowns during your business day. This will free up your HR and administrative staff to concentrate on functions which will help to grow your business! This service eliminates your need to hire and train an in-house payroll clerk, or to train another HR or administrative employee to handle payroll functions. The errors involved with this learning curve can bring about expensive government-imposed penalties.

Payroll can be processed weekly, bi-weekly, every 4 weeks, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly. We can also provide a variety of benefits options to your employees. New employees can be set up quickly and easily, and will take no time or effort from your team.

If you prefer to run your own payroll, we offer customized services that can help your business run smoothly! This service can be used to evaluate a candidate prior to making the decision to bring an employee on as permanent staff. We can also assume your payroll responsibilities to cover your own payroll employee’s vacation, sick time, or long-term leave of absence, such as maternity leave. Transferring payroll to another employee exposes you to errors, such as an employee not getting paid, or a government remittance being miscalculated. Pay cheques or deposits, and all government remittances are always completed on time, no exceptions! It has been documented that one in three companies are fined over $800 for one remitting error. These costs amount to billions of dollars annually!

The best part about our service is that it saves you money. It’s easy to underestimate the true cost of internally processing payroll. In addition to the obvious costs of employee salaries and your payroll clerk’s salary, as well as contributions to government remittances, you have to consider all of the other costs. When you factor in the cost to pay your employees, our efficient service will lower costs and increase your retained earnings.

Such costs include remittance contributions, insurance, the cost of a payroll clerk, computer programs to run payroll, the time spent calculating payroll and remittances and answering employee questions, staying up to date with the ever-changing tax laws, filing Records of Employment, producing Year End documents such as T4’s and all the other hidden costs of processing payroll. The biggest hidden cost is time. Think about how much time is spent calculating payroll, inputting data, and answering employee questions. Then think about how many people in your organization play a role in the payroll cycle, and how much of each of their day could be re-directed to more beneficial activities. These time costs also increase with the variability in employee hours and the level of turnover your organization experiences. We can’t wait to discuss all the potential savings your organization can expect!

The most important thing to remember is that these processes can all be customized to fit your organizational needs. Speak to one of our representatives today and we will tailor a solution that is right for you.


  • Substantial cost savings. Expenditures on payroll and staffing can be kept stable and predictable. Late filing charges will be eliminated. The cost of a payroll clerk is eliminated.

  • No more dealing with the headaches of calculating and remitting taxes and deductions, keeping track of remittance schedules for different provinces and states and calculating worker’s compensation dues, which also vary by province and state.

  • Time saving: reassign your staff’s efforts towards activities which grow and improve your business. Payroll is an administrative function which offers no benefit to the health of your business. Removing it altogether from your priorities will ensure the limited hours in the business day are used in the most efficient way possible. No more answering employee’s payroll questions, cutting cheques, preparing ROE’s and T4’s (the time saved avoiding the year end process is substantial on its own!).

  • Experts will be handling your payroll. Your employees will receive top notch service, with emailed pay stubs the day before the deposit, direct deposit or cheques issued on time, every time, and access to benefits packages that can be customized to their needs. Benefits are also elective, meaning those who do not want them are not forced to pay for them.

  • Security and Privacy: Your data is stored off-site, in a secure system with no risk of the wrong eyes seeing confidential payroll information. Our system is also designed to prevent hardware and software failures, so your payroll data is always safe. 

  • No need to purchase and maintain expensive computer systems and software, necessary to process payroll accurately.

  • Compliance: Remittances are always paid on time, Government inquiries will be directed to us, and we always keep up to date with the constantly changing tax laws, rules and regulations.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, you don’t have to worry about increasing your payroll department to handle the extra volume. Our services are scalable to the growth of your business. New employees can always be added without worry.