Assignment Employee of the Year Award

We proudly recognize those Assignment Employees that have stood out above the rest and demonstrated the highest level of commitment, productivity and performance. Congratulations to the annual winner of the Assignment Employee of the Year Award.

  • 2015 - Prashant Sinha
  • 2014 - Gareth Williams
  • 2013 - Dany Gehshan
  • 2012 - Lionel Fernandes
  • 2011 - Caroline Van Haeften
  • 2010 - Sandra Nazeer
  • 2009 - Patricia Tourand
  • 2008 - Sam Reid
  • 2007 - James Tahara
  • 2006 - Vyacheslav (Slav) Dranovskiy


Platinum Club

The Platinum Club honors past internal employees of that espouse the values that shape our corporate mission:

  • Being driven by the quality of our people and the service delivered
  • Ascribing to a work ethic that ensures tangible benefits to our clients and shareholders
  • Commiting to respect, develop, and empower all of our employees to achieve individual and team excellence
  • Engaging in ethical activities that demonstrate our responsibilities to our employees, clients, and commmunities

It is with great pride that we acknowledge those employees that have qualified for the Platinum Club. We wish the the best in all future endeavors, and greatly appreciate their commitment and contribution to our corporate objectives.


    Present - Leonard Jean-Pierre

    2012 - Madooree Boodhun

    2015 - Purva Gosain
    2009 - Esther Gnanendran
    2008 - Amit Khera
    2007 - Peter Cliffe
    2004 - Sumbo Ashabo-Kocski