Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay any fees?

No, candidates do not pay any fees.


Must I accept every assignment?

You are free to select only the assignments that are right for you. When you do authorize us to put you forward for a position we trust that you will have done so in good faith and will accept the position under the terms discussed.


Why would I want to work with works closely with many types of employers, and has access to job postings that you do not. By registering with, you're giving yourself a much better chance of finding the right job for you.


What does a professional staffing agency expect from its candidates?

We expect our candidates to send us the appropriate information including their resume, cover letter, and references. We also expect our candidates to keep us up to date on changes in their personal information, anything that is crucial in the job hunting process.


How do I know where my resume is being sent?

We keep you up to date on each position we present to you. We will not submit your resume to the employer without your consent. You will always be aware of your status.


Do I have to sign an agreement with

In most cases a signed agreement will not be required.


How long does it take to get feedback once I register online?

Once you have registered, we begin searching for a job for you right away that matches your credentials. If your profile is missing any important information, we will contact you within 2 business days to update your profile accordingly.


What geographical locations does have positions for?

The majority of our openings are located in Major cities across North America. Other international openings are available through our affiliation with


What if I don't get the job I am being considered for?

As long as you register in our database, we will be able to consider you for future opportunities that match your skill set.


When do you send my resume to your client?

We only submit your resume to our client after we have received your verbal permission to do so. We also require email authorization for each opportunity.


Is it an obligation to inform you if I want to change my job?

If you aren't enjoying your current assignment, we encourage you to inform us and we will work with you to address your concerns immediately.


What is your privacy policy?

To see our privacy policy, click here.