Independent Contractors

This section will provide you with information on our Sub-Contract Opportunities for Independent Contractors: Corporations and Sole-Proprietors. 

Please Note: We also have several salaried contract opportunities: Defined as any position with a fixed term where you the candidate are paid by the client where the work is being performed and tax deductions are being removed from your pay cheque. These opportunities may come with additional benefits. Speak with you dedicated recruitment specialist if you would like to be considered for a salaried contract.

When becoming an independent contractor with we will constantly strive to find you the right job, in the right industry, at that right time! You will have the opportunity to work with fortune 500 and emerging growth companies.

An Independent Contractor is described as individual who is working on assignment as an incorporated entity or are sole proprietor (independent business), in a subcontract relationship. If you need to register as a Sole Proprietor / Independent business please contact you local registration office.

Working on a contract basis for allows you to focus in on your specific skill set and continuously develop, while working in various environments, and in turn increasing your market value. Quite often contract assignments with are clients are extended repeatedly or transitioned to permanent opportunities. Become part of our database by visiting the Database tab, and completing the necessary information. Once you have registered with our firm a member of our team will contact you for a telephone screen the minute a suitable opportunity arises.

Please visit our Recruitment Process page for full details on the steps we take when placing individuals into assignments.

If you have been selected for an assignment with one of our clients your dedicated recruitment specialist will conduct a contractor orientation session where you will discuss the following:

  • Contractor application form
  • Contractor Terms of business Agreement
    • Premises & Equipment
    • Indemnification
    • Representations
    • Confidential Information
    • Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Severability
    • Background Check
    • Reference
  • Clearance Documentation
  • Time Keeping may also request a clearance letter before your assignment begins. This can be defined as a formal document produced on secure paper indicating that the subject of the inquiry has no criminal convictions in the National Repository of Criminal Records.

While on an assignment with one of our clients we expect the following:

  • Show up early for your shift especially on your first day
  • Take the time to introduce yourself to other colleagues around the office
  • Make sure you are aware of the company dress codes and dress accordingly
  • Don’t be afraid to ask question-if you are unsure it is better that you ask
  • Try to be reasonably flexible
  • Keep personal phone calls very brief and ideally try to make them on your own time (lunch or breaks)
  • Remember to record your appropriate work hours on your timesheet daily
  • If you would like the opportunity to be extended or transition into permanent please speak with your recruitment specialist or a member of
  • Please contact us if you require time off or for a request for vacation
  • Remember you are on assignment with and all inquires that pertain to your personal development, training, performance and all other Human Resource related matters should be directed to your recruitment specialist at
  • Don’t be afraid to call our office with any question or concerns
  • Have Fun and work hard!

Now while you are working for various clients of one thing remains the same you are on assignment with We process your pay!

In order for your pay to be processed you will have to complete a timesheet at the end of your agreed upon pay period. Timesheets can be found in your assignment employee booklet. Please ensure timesheets are faxed to our office by the Friday at the end of your pay period to guarantee that your pay will be processed.

The Independent Contractor acknowledges that it shall be responsible for the payment of Income Tax, employee and employer portions CPP and UIC if applicable, GST Tax Collection and payment, Workers Compensations, EHT, Hospitalization coverage, Vacation pay and statutory holiday pay or any other payments imposed by any federal, Provincial or local indemnify and save harmless the Company from any claims made against the company with respect to the foregoing.

Your pay will be automatically deposited into your requested account.