Screening & Submission Process

  1. If we deem you “fit” for one of our openings a member of our recruitment team will contact you via e-mail or phone to discuss the opportunity.
  2. At this time, a phone screen will be conducted to ensure that you are actively seeking employment, are within the salary range, and meet the job criteria. This gives you a chance to learn more about the job and ensure there is a suitable match. At this time please inform the Recruitment Specialist about any other offers/opportunities that you may be considering.
  3. Once a match is identified, you will be asked to attend an agency interview. It is a very informal meeting, please dress casually. During this time you will learn more about our organization and processes, and we have a chance to gather additional details on your qualifications. Additional Items we address in the interview include but are not limited to thorough resume screen, behavioral interview, job description review, and overall preparation for client interviews.
  4. Upon completion of a successful agency interview, your resume will be submitted directly to the hiring manager at the prospective company. At this point we act as a liaison between the client and yourself. This is done at the request of the client and is one of the benefits of working with a staffing agency. At all times we will facilitate communication between the client and yourself. Please inform your Recruiter with any comments, questions, appreciation letters, or concerns, and we would be happy to assist you. Do not contact the client directly, as this could potentially effect your application. Thank you for your cooperation. Please Note feedback on your submission may be provided immediately or may take several weeks. We thank you for your patience in advance!
  5. You will be receiving a reference form that you need to fill out at this time. It includes your personal information and the contact information of at least 3 employers and 2 personal references.
  6. If there is an interest in your submission, we will work with you and the client to find a suitable interview time. We ask that you make every effort to try and accommodate these interviews. The dress code for client interviews is business formal.