“I would like to thank my certified recruiter for her time and patience in helping me develop my resume and improve my interview skills. Shortly after my Agency Interview I landed my first Management Role with Ford”

Gary Folksom, Ford USA LTD, Detroit Michigan


“The professionals at Teamrecruiter.com assisted me in finding gainful employment without hassle”

Edward Babcock, Bloomberg Corp, New York, New York


“The recruitment specialist I worked with was very professional and thorough with explaining the job to me. I have been more than happy to recommend Teamrecruiter.com. It is refreshing that there is agencies still out there that actually care about the people first and not just filling a position to close the file”

Shirley, Mississauga, Ontario


“The group of people are great to work with and I am very satisfied with there services.”

Carole, Pefferlaw, Ontario


“I am very happy with my assignment that Teamrecruiter.com placed me in. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and supportive. They were able to identify my experience and skills and place me where I fit perfectly.”

Amy Wang, Toronto, Ontario


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