Recruitment Methodology

Successful candidate recruitment requires a team-effort. At we believe that partnering with the hiring manager in the planning phase is essential to recruiting top candidates. Each client is served by a dedicated account manager who ensures that Team Recruiter services are delivered in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

The account manager outlines each search, providing a complete definition of the assignment, and skill requirements. Once the personnel requirements are fully defined, a Resource Manager is assigned to oversee the search for qualified candidates. From that point on, the Personnel Supervisor and Account Manager work together to ensure that every candidate submitted fully meets the client's requirements. searches globally for qualified personnel, we utilize the following strategies to ensure that we attract superior candidates:

  • - website
  • On-Line database management system, which tracks each stage of the recruiting process
  • Weekly advertisements in local and national publications
  • Participation in major recruitment fairs
  • Subscription to multiple internet and on-line recruitment services
  • Participation in news and user groups
  • Partnerships with affiliated vendors and international recruiting agencies
  • Maintain one of the industry's leading referral program